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Questions / Gear

Hello all,
I’m open for any photography question you have. I’m here to help.  Ask me anything about cameras, editing, printing, taking pictures, etc.  I’ll see what I can do to help. Simply email JohnFountainPhoto@Gmail.com or call me if you like 904-881-3722.

A little about my gear and photographic philosophy.

I currently shoot with a Canon 5D Mark 2 which is a full frame DSLR. I use a 5D and 7D as backup and second camera. I have a collection of many lenses
Including 24-105L-70-200L-24-35-40-50-85 Primes. This allows me to cover just about any situation needed to get the shot. I also carry 3 External Flash
units with slave triggers and a Lion battery operated Alien Bees Umbrella flash set up. Once again allowing me to cover all the challenges and assure proper
lighting. 90% of a great photograph is the quality of light and how it falls on the subject. I like to be in control of that whenever possible. There is nothing better than mother nature when the light is there but mastering artificial light is what separates the amateurs from the pros.

I’m constantly reading, learning, and trying new gear to make sure I stay on the cutting edge of my trade. I try to keep images as faithful as possible as I prefer
a more natural look and feel to a portrait. However I do once in a while re-master photographs to give some photographs a more modern feel and pop.
I custom taylor the editing to the clients taste so they get the look for their taste. I also always give my clients a fully edited master copy right release disk of their pictures. I find this to be the beast practice and value for my clients.